The Origins of Reiki

I am a firm believer in the power of yoga and what it can do to heal a person inside and out. When I had difficulties with a sore back, it was yoga that eased the pain. When I felt overwhelmed and stressed, it was yoga that pulled me back from the brink. Yoga offers solutions to problems I may not even be aware that I am experiencing.

If you ask a person what yoga is, even the least-experienced person could describe to you a little of what it is. If you ask a person what Reiki is, (pronounced Reichi) you may find that there are a lot, not unlike myself a few years ago, who have not heard of it. Today, it is a therapy that is used to treat physical, emotional and mental diseases.

The Origin of Reiki

This is an alternative medicine that was developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui. To many it is simply a form of energy healing. Usui journeyed on a personal pilgrimage because he wanted to discover how Jesus was able to heal with only his hands. He meditated at the top of a mountain for 21 days, and through this mediation, he received the knowledge of the healing art. The universe is an all-encompassing form of energy. If we surrender ourselves to this energy, we can use it to heal parts of ourselves.

Reiki has a direct manipulation on the energy of the universe; we can use this energy to alter the energy of a person, an atmosphere, or even a situation. Consider the practice of acupuncture, which has been used for centuries, as a form of mind-body energy manipulation. When our mind feels better, so too does our body. Reiki works in a similar manner. By positively altering the mind, we can alter the energy of the body and spirit.


Intention is a large part of what Reiki is all about. You must be specific with the intentions that you speak. It is imperative that the person who practices Reiki doesn’t error with a spoken intention, and so the words must be chosen very carefully. We must take into account that while there is positive energy in the universe, there is also negative energy. We must be careful to call upon the positive energy or that which is in our best interest.


It is important that the person receives the energy and accept it. It cannot be forced upon an individual. For a person who is curious about this healing practice, you must have an open mind and be willing to believe in the power of the universe. Acceptance that there is a higher power that guides the flow of Reiki energy is imperative to receive the pure energy that gives the practice its power.

Healing Energy

Reiki is used to provide a healing energy to an individual and to help clear a variety of physical and mental issues. It requires the practitioner to direct energy into the individual who needs some healing energy within. Essentially, the practitioner will place his or her hands on the area that needs treatment. He or she will then call upon the energy, in some cases, use a symbol to call upon the Reiki masters and allow the energy to flow throughout the chakras in the body.

If you already believe in the power of yoga and what it can do for you, then maybe you would like to give Reiki a try. There is no denying that the universe is vast and mysterious and has an abundant form of energy. As we live within it, even one small part of it, we too contain energy within us and all around us. Being able to harness it just means allowing ourselves to be open and receive its energy. Open yourself up to a new experience and see what it can do for you.


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